E29. Enter The Desire Realm

Feminine Energy. It’s a powerful force that lies at the foundation of everything that we explore here on Spiritual Smackdown. This week we tackle it head on. What is it? How can you recognize it? And what does it take to shift into its power? 

The path to shifting into your feminine flow can feel elusive for some people, especially those who were raised to lead from a masculine space. We get it. We were, too. So, we’ve lead ourselves in this area! 




Join us as we help you identify what feminine flow feels like in your body. Learn how to tune into that tingling sense of activation that is telling you where to go next. Then, we’ll challenge you to give yourself the gift of sacred empowerment; and invite trust and surrender into your life in a way that will help you let go of ‘need’ and sink into ‘desire’ instead. Finally, we address how a harmonious balance between your masculine and feminine energies will allow for ultimate transcendence. 

Here are a few tips to help you shift your balance away from masculine energy and into feminine flow: 

  • Recognize that you have a choice. You get to choose between chaos and peace when responding to your life. Empower yourself to shift your own energy. 
  • Stop asking for the ‘how’. Lead yourself through the fear instead. The ‘how’ will only be obvious in hindsight. 
  • Seek people who are living in the alignment that you desire. Soak in their wisdom. Take their classes. Go on their retreats. Calibrate to their energy. 
  • Ask yourself: what am I available for? And what would my next level self do from here?

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