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E28. The Power Of Mentorship with Stephanie Schultz

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This week we are joined by online biz coach + social media guru, Stephanie Schultz, for a badass conversation about trust, self-investment, and dancing with your fear

Stephanie’s definition of a spiritual smackdown is transformational and steeped in self-trust. While attending school to become a teacher, Stephanie found herself completely out of alignment. It was an experience that led her down a path of deep unhappiness and disordered eating.

One day her intuition cried out... and Stephanie had the courage to listen. She quit school, despite having no idea what she was going to do next, and embarked on a path of physical and emotional healing. What resulted was a journey of trust that led her to a place of deep personal and spiritual alignment. 




Learn how Stephanie found the strength to simply ‘decide’ to make a change. Explore how she found trust within herself and the universe, even when she had absolutely no idea where the path would lead. Then, get sage advice on how to dance with those inevitable moments of fear, complete with concrete tactics to help you tune into the universal truth that everything is going to be okay. 

Finally, get insight into why Stephanie believes that coaching and mentorship is an absolute must for every business owner, whether it’s your very day as your own boss or if you’re a seasoned expert. 

For more about Stephanie and her offerings, visit her on Instagram @xogingy

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