E27. Spirit Is My Strategist with Nichole Sylvester

This week we are absolutely blessed to have Nichole Sylvester join us on the show! Nichole is a coach, spiritual teacher, bestselling author of “Oh Shift: A Journey From Chaos to Consciousness” and the host of The Harmonious Hustle podcast. In this episode Nichole shares the incredible journey that she embarked upon to walk away from abuse and addiction. Learn how her spiritual practice helped her conquer severe PTSD and generational trauma and guided her to a life rooted in spirituality and leadership.

Nichole drops some mind-blowing wisdom in this episode. Learn how she broke down the harmful generational patterns that had been passed down to her surrounding love and wealth. Get her compassionate tips for how to shift yourself from a poverty mindset to a wealth mindset. Then, dive deep with us into the difference between being goal driven and being desire driven within both your business and your life. 




Finally, Nicole lays out the tenets of what she calls ‘spiritual stamina’. Get insight on what it truly means to surrender yourself to trust in life itself, regardless of your own personal visions and goals for your path forward. 

For more about Nichole and her work visit her at @nicholesylvester on Instagram, or grab her book“Oh Shift: A Journey from Chaos to Consciousness” on Amazon

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