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E26. Shift From Forced Energy To Flow

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It can be so easy to trust your journey when things are going well! Yet, what about when everything feels like it’s going wrong? The days when your faith starts to waver and you feel like your not enough? How can you realign and find your trust again, even in the most frustrating moments? 

In this episode we dig into the bad days and share with you some of our own hard learned tips for what to do when things just aren’t going your way. We’ll explore ways to relinquish your control on those things that you cannot change, and to sink into the flow of your day to receive the gifts that are already there and waiting for your perception. We break down the foundations of masculine versus feminine energy in an effort to help you calibrate a healthy mix that aligns with your personal needs, and we help you identify when this lack of balance is leading to your burnout and exhaustion.

Finally, we’ll guide you through the self talk that you’ll need to get yourself back on track in a heart-centered way, encouraging you to ‘drop the how’ as you sink into your trust that the universe will unfold as your desire. 




Here are three things that we recommend when you're feeling like things aren’t going your way: 

  • Sink into flow. Allow your priorities to realign themselves from a heart-centered place of what feels good. 
  • Lean back. Pay attention to where you might be pushing too hard on yourself, your clients, or your goals. Accept that you cannot control the timeline. 
  • Anchor into the things that you have accomplished. Look around at everything that has worked out and remember that trust in yourself and in your desires is what got you there. You have done so much more in this world than you give yourself credit for. Take a deep breath and know that what you’ve done is enough. 
If you’re craving more of this work, we welcome you to contact us at, on Instagram @forthewildfemme, or in our new Facebook Group - Wild Femmes!

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