E23. Saying ‘Hell Yes’ To A Wealthymind

“The woman with a wealthymind has no limits” 

This week we’re introducing you to Uplevel: The Wealthymind, our new mastermind program starting November 26th. This mastermind is for you if you’re a ‘hell yes’ woman, who is ready to make quantum leaps in your income. 

You no longer have to wait a year to make the amount of money you desire. You no longer have to wait 6 months to make the amount of money you desire. You can shift into a Wealthymind in an instant. The way to do that is to initiate a yes. To acknowledge, YES that is my desire and I am going to calibrate my energy to that desire. I am going to live in that frequency, I am going to embody it and I am going to receive it. You have a wealthy mind and all of a sudden you realize you get to have it all.⠀

Limitless Wealth. Limitless Growth. Limitless Impact.

In UPlevel the Wealthymind you calibrate your energy to match the energy of the women you’re surrounded with. You step beyond the income level you thought you were capable of. You step into the realm of possibility. And then you collapse time and that possibility becomes your new reality  → 20k months, 40k months, 100k months - this is what happens when you join us in UPlevel the Wealthymind.⠀




In this mastermind we meet twice a month as a group for LIVE CALLS. Plus you get two 1:1 sessions a month with Robyn & Jak. Coaching with Robyn will get you laser focused on your big vision and setting intentional goals so that you can take action in strategic alignment with your crazy ass income goals. Calls with Jak will create massive breakthroughs so that you catapult beyond your glass ceiling, and align the way you operate your business with your #humandesign⠀

So that’s 4 coaching sessions a month → two 1:1s + two group calls. PLUS a group chat, where you get access to both of us, plus the other female leaders in UPlevel 24/7.

If you’re ready to step into your next level of wealth, all of you have to do is say ‘yes’! Align yourself with the frequency of the wealth you seek, receive it, and watch the shifts happen instantaneously, in real-time.⠀

Join us for the Uplevel: The Wealthymind. Our first call is on November 26th. Be one of the founding members in UPlevel (available to the first four women to register) and be grandfathered in at the price of $2444/month! 

For more information, email us atrise@forthewildfemme.com or DM us @forthewildfemme on Instagram!