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E21. Wrestling With Regret

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“It wasn’t my fault. It was my choice.” We make tons of decisions every day, both large and small. Every single one of those decisions leads to an outcome and it is that vast collection of outcomes that shapes who we are, and who we will ultimately become. So, it can be incredibly hard to face when one of those decisions begins to weigh on you as a regret. 

In this episode we talk about regret: how it occurs, the ways that it holds us back, and how to shift your perspective in order to embrace your regrets as your teachers on a path to growth. We welcome you to introduce compassion and mindfulness into your self talk so that you can practice self-forgiveness and employ intention into your future decision making. Finally, we encourage you to shift your perspective from blame to choice, empowering yourself to own the decisions that you made.  Because, “You cannot step into your wholeness if there’s parts of yourself that you hate” 




Three ways to reframe your perspective to a place of forgiveness: 

  • Remove judgment by reminding yourself your regretful decisions were made by a past version of you, a woman who did her best with the knowledge that she had. Employ compassion for that past you, for she brought you the wisdom you have today. 
  • Look for the lessons! See your regrets as your teachers that will lead you to who you want to become. 
  • Allow yourself to move through the emotions that these regrets make you feel. Feel the grief and sadness in your body so that you can process it and move forward. 

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