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E17: Marie Kondo-ing Your Business

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This week we have Ashley Gordon sitting in our guest seat to go deep with us on how to grow your business in a way that is intentional to your desires. Ash is the host of the badass Manifester brand and podcast and coaches female entrepreneurs to get out of their own way and get visible to shine their light

Ash recently found herself at a crossroads when her successful business no longer felt like it was aligning with her ultimate plans. She shares how she used meditation and visualization to reset her alignment and steer it toward growth. Learn how this once self-defined ‘spiritual bypasser’ found a way to embrace her shadow emotions in an effort to fully step forward into a new level of conscious leadership. 

In this episode, explore what you can do when you realize that the business you’ve built is no longer feeding your soul. We address the hard conversations that will need to be had both with yourself and your team, and we delve into the tricky topic of embracing realignment when you have bills to pay. 



Follow Ash’s tips for decluttering your business for better alignment: 

  • Tune into your emotions and ask yourself: What am I tolerating? How would it feel if I continued down this path for six months? A year? Allow your body to truly feel those emotions. Digest the pain and the costs. 
  • Follow that with asking yourself: What would it feel like if I let go and created more space? How would it feel to create something brand new that could bring more abundance and impact? Sit with the feeling in your body and let it radiate. 

If you’re hungry for more of this work, we welcome you to join Stripped, our Group Mastermind! In Stripped, we will personally guide you through the process of stripping away the “shoulds” and all of those things in your business that are not serving you. 

Spots are limited to 5 badass female entrepreneurs who are ready to RISE. This ensures an intimate group, with WEEKLY 1:1 coaching time for your biz. Visit to secure your spot! 


Also, join our community of badass women on Instagram @forthewildfemme. 

Follow Ash on her manifesting journey on Instagram @manifestwithash, find her podcast @badassmanifester and learn about her offerings at

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