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E13: Unlock The Door To Feminine Flow

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Do you hold the belief that masculine drive must lead if you want to achieve success in you business? What if we told you that it is actually holding you back? Masculine energy, with its rules and formulas and stringent to do lists, breeds exhaustion, stagnation and emptiness in your business, depriving you of the passion and creativity that truly needs to lead. 

There is another way! 

In this episode we’ll shift your perspective on how to align your business, pulling you away from empty goal setting and formulas to instead lead from a place of passionate feminine flow. Learn how to build your business with an ignited heart. Challenge yourself to look beyond society’s idea of success to identify what success truly means for you

Finally, explore how you can strip away all of the things that are creating the glass ceiling that is keeping you stuck, and how it will open up an opportunity for more space, more ease, and more wealth in your life. 

In case you haven’t heard align is the new hustle, because “when you don’t wake up ignited by what you’re doing, then neither do your people.”




Here are three ways to invite feminine flow into your business: 

  • Ditch the question “What do I need to do today?” Replace it with “How do I want to serve today?”  
  • Listen to your body as you move through the day. Do you need a breather? A walk? Time in nature? A day of rest? Give yourself something that your body is asking for in an effort to realign. 
  • Meditate on the concept of ‘success’. What does it mean for you? Incorporate these values into your business plan. 

If you’re hungry for more of this work, we welcome you to join Stripped, our Group Mastermind! In Stripped, we will personally guide you through the process of stripping away the “shoulds” and all of those things in your business that are not serving you. Spots are limited to 5 badass female entrepreneurs who are ready to RISE. This ensures an intimate group, with WEEKLY 1:1 coaching time for your biz.

Visit to hold your spot! 

Robyn & Jak


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