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E10: Pray For It

Posted by Jaclyn Shaw on

"The prayer for the modern woman is on the go. It happens on the fly. It happens when you need it to happen."

Since the beginning of time, prayer has been a strong bedrock for building community and channeling collective energy, but the practice of harnessing this power and connection has been lost in these hectic and fast moving times. It needs a reinvention, and Rob and Jak have heard that call!

In this episode Rob and Jak dive into their relationships with prayer, who (or what!) they pray to, and how bringing women together for prayer has amplified their voices and strengthened their relationship with prayer.  





And we are inviting you into our most sacred space, PRAY FOR IT, a unique prayer collective for the modern woman. One that holds space for you and your beliefs, whatever they may be. One that connects you with other badass women seeking more from their lives and more for the world. One that brings voices together for the collective call of change.

You can pray to God/Universe/Spirit/Mother Earth/Angels - the ‘who’ doesn’t matter to us, and neither does the ‘where’. Churches are good for prayer, but so are garages and cars and mountains and showers and dance floors!!

Ready to get held in sacred energy, ready to put incredible impact and strength behind your prayer? We got you, for ONLY $4.44/month (less than your Monday cup of coffee) join us in this prayer collective for the modern goddess.

Because it’s time to get heard. 

It’s time to be supported and realize we’re better off united.

We hold space for health and wellbeing of self + others, healing of past trauma, giving & receiving of unconditional love, abundance, fertility, belonging.

We pray to give women’s strength & power to endure whatever season they are in.

We pray for mother earth and the repair of our planet, the safety of all living beings, equality and choice.

We pray to encourage women to use their voice and share their truth.

We pray for female leaders to fully own their responsibility and ability to make change.

We pray for goddesses of, literally, this land and that we may each be safe, fulfilled, fully expanded and SEEN on our journeys.

We do not to turn to prayer as a last resort, after we’ve tried everything else, then decide to give it up to the heavens...

We turn to prayer first, for daily manifestation + support.

Sign up to PRAY FOR IT, our monthly membership, for ONLY $4.44 at

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