E.99 The Marathon to Millions

Welcome to our celebration! 

May has been a mind blowing month in the Femme world. 

We hit our biggest month ever - our firstmultiple six figure month - and we hit it by May 20! 

Hitting this milestone has come along with a massive quantum shift in our business. Today we’re not just celebrating this massive milestone. We’re celebrating the epic journey and the growth we’ve experienced along the way. 

Because that’s the Femme Way - embodying wealth + power + pleasure on every step of the path. 

Are you ready to call in rebellious levels of wealth? 

Then join us for our FREE Masterclass - Rebellious Wealth - this Monday May 30th! Learn how we do money in the Femme world - how we have and will continue to build rebellious wealth - and how you can build rebellious wealth for yourself. 

This is one you won’t want to miss! And to make the celebration even sweeter, In this masterclass we’ll be giving away $2222 CASH to one woman who chooses to walk across a milestone with us. 

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