E.98 The Rebellious Way to Lead as a Mani-Gen + Projector

It’s time to step into an embodied state of leadership - the rebellious way. 

How? By knowing and integrating your human design. 

Today we’re diving into our human designs types; Rob as a Mani-Gen and Jak as a Projector.

Mani-Gens, we urge you to follow your sacral yes and honor your sacral no. These strong senses will keep you in alignment and guide the way as you walk your path. (Generators this goes for you too!!)

Projectors, get rebellious by standing in your power and speaking your truthbefore anyone else can see it. By sharing yourself fearlessly, others will feel called to invite you in. 

Are you ready to integrate your leadership with your human design? 

Master Your Design is coming up next inside ofThe Rebellion! In this 5-day course with 2-bonus modules, Jak will guide you to learn about your Human Design so that you can become rebelliously integrated in your energetics in a way that will revolutionize your leadership.  

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