E.97 Be THE Genius: You Are The Only One

Wild woman, you are already more than enough. 

Your zone of genius lies inside of you, ready to be lit up in bright new ways. 

Don’t seek a mentor who tells you she ‘has the answers’, for the answers have been within you all along. 

Seek a mentor who will walk beside you. One who will help you co-create the reality that you envision, so that you can fully bring your genius forward and reach new heights. 


Are you ready to unlock your next level of genius? 

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Totality is a private 2:1 three month coaching container with Jak and Rob for the woman who is ready to expand in the deepest of ways. Within Totality, you will evolve your brand AND gain alignment with your highest self. You will receive four coaching calls a month and private Voxer containers with both Jak and Rob. Plus! Get access to all of the Femme courses and our upcoming Wealth Mastermind. 

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