E.95 Internal Senses

The Femme way is to make power pivots when things aren’t feeling in integrity or alignment anymore. We recently restructured our team, and it’s allowing us to stay more in alignment with creativity. If we didn’t, it wouldn’t allow us to create and serve the way we desire to. 

Do you know yourself and all the sides of your energy?

Are you able to continuously shift your alignment?

Are you living from your most powerful creative space?

If something within you is not feeling in alignment, you aren’t aligned with your big vision, or the action is not lighting you up anymore, are you giving the best version of yourself to others?


We make shifts happen over and over again, in order to stay in alignment over, and over again - even ones that don’t make sense. You don’t have to have an identity crisis to make powerful microshifts in your energetics - You can make small adjustments, power pivots and realign your energy.  

Knowing yourself paired with understanding your power and energy will change your life.

Are you ready to dig in and live as the best version of yourself?  

Join us for “Outspoken” - A collaboration with 12 incredible female coaches who fully embody The Femme Way. We are bringing these 12 women to you inside of a 12-week coaching container. Inside of Outspoken, you will receive the mostpotent teachings, raw truths, and incredible gifts that each of these women have to offer. 


This is the container we wish we’d had during our own growth journey from the beginning days - to hitting multiple six figures - to becoming a seven figure brand.