E.94 No Holding Back

When we are so invested in one coach, we don’t often feel like we have the permission or resources to connect and ask other coaches. We have created a space where you get to be in the energy of more - more women, more experiences, more energy, more stories, more successes. 



Do you want to be immersed in the synergy of wildly successful women?

Do you want to explore deeper and broader?

Do you want to receive energetic teachings that hold immense value?

When we take a free course, it gives us the essence of the teaching and can leave us wanting to explore more. When we invest into a course, the value we receive is deeper and we can  integrate the concepts so much further.  

Each of the stunning women from Outspoken are bringing potent teachings that will open you to more. Claim this wisdom offered by the women that have chosen to show up and lead you.  

Each woman has said “f**k yes,” to lead in their most powerful teachings. Answer “f**k yes,” to going all in on yourself.

These 12 women are ready and they are standing in front of you saying, “we got you”.

Join us for “Outspoken” - A collaboration with 12 incredible female coaches who fully embody The Femme Way. We are bringing these 12 women to you inside of a 12-week coaching container beginning May 11th. Inside of Outspoken, you will receive the mostpotent teachings, raw truths, and incredible gifts that each of these women have to offer. 


This is the container we wish we’d had during our own growth journey from the beginning days - to hitting multiple six figures - to becoming a seven figure brand.