E.93 The Energy of Collaboration + Calibration

The energy of momentum and collaboration is powerful.


Collaborative energy allows shifts like you have never experienced before, and leads to more momentum from that energetic frequency. 

Stepping into this space with more energy, confronting your fears, and finding your balance opens you up for more growth, more energy, and more expansion. Your biggest potential can be born from many.


Do you trust in the flow?

Are you ready for rapid calibrations?

Do you want to explore your own limiting beliefs?

The rising of collective energy will create streams of creativity, expansion and genius.  

When you can see clearly where your energy lies, you get to see how much more you can expand yourself when you’re in it.

It’sGo Time!!

It’s time to step into this potent collaborative work.

It’s time for your sacred “yes”. 

Say yes to  “Outspoken” - A collaboration with 12 incredible female coaches who fully embody The Femme Way. We are bringing these 12 women to you inside of a 12-week coaching program beginning May 11th. 

Inside of Outspoken, you will receive the mostpotent teachings, raw truths, and incredible gifts that each of these women have to offer. 


This is the container we wish we would have had during our own growth journey from the beginning days - to hitting multiple six figures - to becoming a seven-figure brand.