E.90 Liberating Women Erotically and Financially

Let us introduce you to Nadine Lee, the founder of Tantric Alchemy, @tantric.alchemy_ .  This beauty moves with fierce embodied feminine leadership - you’re about to fall in love. 

Nadine was destined to walk the path to her own spiritual and kundalini awakening from a very young age. This path grew into her becoming a devoted lover and sexual liberator.  Her soul called in the Masters that enabled her to ground deeply into her body and liberate herself erotically and financially. 

Are you ready to have full sovereignty over your decisions?

Are you ready to find deep acceptance and release shame?

Are you ready to meet and explore your triggers?

Are you ready to liberate yourself erotically and financially?

Nadine holds a safe space that allows you to go deeper into yourself, your body and your energy. She with her own energy and gifts to liberate yourself erotically and financially.

Get ready to come back to your own truth - into pure abundance.


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Inside of Outspoken you will receive the mostpotent teachings, the raw truths, and the soul medicine that each of these women have to offer. 

This is the container we wish we would have had during our own growth journey, from the beginning days - to hitting multiple six figures - to becoming a seven figure brand.

It’s like the music festival of the coaching industry, that everyone will talk about for years. 

This is collective rising - The Femme Way. 

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Learn more about Nadine Lee and Tantric Alchemy onher website.