E.9 The Pause

Maybe it’s the change of the seasons, but recently we found that many of our wild women find themselves feeling like they are caught in ‘the inbetween’. That space that exists between phases of our lives. Those moments where the past does not quite feel like the past, and  the future feels yet to arrive. 



It can be so challenging to pause and trust in the inbetween. Yet, it’s so important to remember: Spring blooms without you. The world can turn without you. You are allowed to pause, and your desires will still unfold in their time. And those desires? They are closer than you could ever imagine. You simply have to trust in that fact. 

Do you find yourself in the inbetween? If so, check in with yourself: 

Is this exactly where you need to be right now? 

What gifts will you receive if you pause and surrender to this inbetween moment? 

Can you open yourself up to trust that things will unfold in their time?

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