E.89 Pause into Authenticity with Samantha Skelly

Get ready to dive in with our next Outspoken speaker - powerhouse Samantha Skelly, CEO of Pause Breathwork. 

Samantha is the founder of 2 multi-million dollar wellness companies, a highly sought out speaker, a best selling author and a wellness coaching expert.  

Her approach to entrepreneurship is rooted in authenticity, even when that means going against “how business is done”. 

And this approach? It has paid off for her inmassive ways. 

She will inspire you to approach your business with the voice of a storyteller. 

She will encourage you to explore what it means to be a powerful leader. 

She will shine the light on how to scale empathy - from just a few followers tohundreds of thousands.

Get ready for Samantha to light you up! 


This incredible leader is one of the 12 amazing female coaches who you will have access to in “Outspoken”, our industry-changing 12-week coaching container, beginning May 1st. 

Inside of Outspoken you will receive the mostpotent teachings, the raw truths, and the soul medicine that each of these women have to offer. 

This is the container we wish we would have had during our own growth journey, from the beginning days - to hitting multiple six figures - to becoming a seven figure brand.

It’s like the music festival of the coaching industry, that everyone will talk about for years. 

This is collective rising - The Femme Way. 

Outspoken begins May 1st for $2222 - And now is the time to join!Check out our first 11 speakers and grab your spot here! 

Learn more about Samantha and her work on herwebsite or onInstagram. Learn more about Pause Breathworkhere.