E.8 Open The Whole F*cking Universe

Today we have something incredible in store for you. A few weeks back we spoke at the Courageously Confident Summit. This session felt so powerful that we simply had to share it with you! 

This is a call for you to stand in the next level of your power. The bigger you allow yourself to expand in your power, the more the universe can meet you and expand with you, taking you to heights beyond your wildest imagination. 


In this episode, we’re diving into what it really takes to rise in your power. 

We’ll guide you to find where you’re leaking energy. We’ll help you shed the fears that are holding you back. And we’ll move you beyond asking ‘how’, so that you can open the space within yourself for the universe to blow your mind. 

It’s time to let go of linear achievement and surrender yourself to the spirals of manifestation. 

Are you ready to stand in your power? 

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