E.77 The Riff: Sustainable Wealth

Do you find yourself only looking at wealth through the lens of financial growth?

Do you tend to fall back into old patterns when you aren’t making more money each month? Forcing, hustling, controlling …

There is a standard that has been set in the world that says you aren’t growing and expanding if you aren’t making more money every month. However, your sustainable expansion isn’t about financial results alone. Your successful growth means expanding your knowledge, extracting the lessons from your experience, and using that wisdom to choose your next experience. 

This is how you create a lifetime of sustainable wealth. 


In the Femme world we start by:

Activating your wealthy mind.

Clearing your lack energy.

Releasing old belief codes.

Exposing generational traumas.

Embodying the reality of holding money.

Creating your life to include pleasure and play.

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