E.75 The Riff: The Energetics of the Wealth Frequency

Attuning to the wealth frequency activates a new level of freedom - in your mind, in your soul, in your being. 

To access it you have to believe in it, you have to be in the energy of it, you have to embody it.

You have to remove the blocks, the beliefs and coding around money that hold you back. 

So that you can open up a space within yourself for creating, receiving, and holding wealth, abundance, and more on top of more. 


Are you ready for it? 

Are you ready to dive deeper into rewiring your wealth codes, and to truly understand what it means to be a wealthy woman? 

This is an invitation  to work with us and to align with your wealthy woman the Femme way. In complete energetic alignment - insideWealth! The Mastermind

In this high level mentorship, you will get access to our signature money course, Wealth Activated. You will get access to all integrations, activations and teachings from the cofounders of Femme, Jak and Rob.  

Wealth! The Mastermind is a 4-week mastermind for the woman who is ready to embody wealth in the most expansive way.

Join us here athttps://rise.forthewildfemme.com/offers/F3Knzv74/checkout


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