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E74. Spiraling Upward

Posted by Robyn Savage on

This is a full circle moment for us. We’re coming to you for the first time from Costa Rica, where the idea for The Spiritual Smackdown Podcast was originally born just a couple of years ago. And today, in the middle of a tropical storm, we’re committing to embark on a new phase.

Evolution is key to our lives, our womanhood, our energy, our businesses, our motherhood…
and our podcasting.

And we’re feeling called to evolve.

So, welcome to the final episode of the Spiritual Smackdown Podcast!

It’s time to say goodbye to this incredible phase of our journey - a phase that was driven by rising from the ashes of our smackdowns - and blossomed in the community we created as we all ascended from our lows.

It’s time to welcome a new phase, a new season, and a new podcast. Because we’ve realized that we no longer need to rely on our smackdowns in order to rise in our lives. We now rise from greatness to greatness, and we invite you along on that journey every step of the way.

So, get ready for an upleveled community in the next upcoming phase of our podcast! It will be a place to connect in celebration, to dive into expansion, and to experience the joys of constant growth.

Don’t worry! We will not be abandoning this space. We will simply be evolving this platform into something new. If you’re already subscribed, you won’t experience any interruption.

Interested in following the evolution as we birth our next season? Excited to see our new content, visuals, and name?? Join us on Instagram @forthewildfemme to get a sneak peek of the entire process as we say goodbye to Spiritual Smackdown and introduce you to the next phase, the next stage, the next season of our journey.

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