E.7 Anchor Into Your Vision

We were honored to witness so many women step into their power in 2020. In a year filled with massive change, we saw so many badass women step past fear, own their desires, and dance with uncertainty. All in pursuit of their big vision for their lives. We were inspired by their journeys, and we want to see this growth for every amazing woman in our community! 


It can be so challenging to hold the energy for your vision when the going gets tough. In those moments you might lose sight of your vision, and with it, lose sight of the possibility and potential that your vision contains, all before you’ve even given it a single chance to succeed. 

We challenge you to do the opposite. Anchor deeper into your vision. Surrender yourself to the grand design of your desire. 

What is your big vision? Are you only looking at how impossible it feels right now? Because if you are, you’re never going to start. You have to be willing to see ahead for yourself, and to take that next intentional step forward toward your desires. 

Intentional steps, guided by vision, are what will propel you forward. 

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