E.65 The Riff: Reframe Your Mindset About Selling Multiple Offers; Stop Making It About You

Wild woman: What stories do you tell yourself about selling?

Do you worry that selling multiple offers at once will scare people away? Does it make you feel like you’re too much, showing up on your feed too often, or confusing your potential customers? 

Today’s riff offers a simple solution to your should ups from making millions! Stop making it about you! 

That’s right, rebel woman. Selling isn’t about you…

It’s about serving your customer and their specific needs in the best way you can.

By reframing your selling strategy to focus on the needs of your buyer, your energy will come across more confidently, you’ll craft better fitting offers, and you’ll reach your clients in deeper ways than you ever could have WHEN you were making THE SALE all about YOU. 





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