E.31 The 11 Minute Riff // Be Seen in Your Love

Embracing the vibration of love in your relationship is the first step in a grand transformation that will touch every corner of your life.

When you tap into the vibration of love, you extend it outwards to everyone around you. Your partner will feel it. You children will feel it. Your clients will feel it.

With that new level of power you will find your voice in a deeper way, grow more confident in speakingyour truth, and expand your soul. 



Are you ready to experience greater depth and surrender in your relationship?


Yes? Then,The Lover and the Loved is for you! In this three-week live course, you will learn how to give and receive love in a whole new way. You will be guided to hold space for both you and your partner’s desires. And you will be set on the path to embrace the healing work that is necessary to achieve forgiveness and deepened trust. Enroll athttps://www.jakandrob.com/femme-lover-loved. We begin on September 15th! 


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