E.3 The Wealth Frequency

Welcome to episode 3 of The Femme Podcast! 

 It’s time to recode your relationship with money. It’s time to let go of the sense of lack and scarcity that money can create in your life. It’s time to open yourself up to the truth that money is abundant, and you are worthy of wealth. 






 It’s time to shift your energy to The Wealth Frequency. 

 We’ve been there, in that mindset that growing wealth is hard and exhausting. We’ve hustled and pushed in that masculine energy, and it sapped all of the joy out of our work. We know the challenges, the fears, and the self doubt that can creep up when you think about money. 

Once we realigned our relationship with money, though? That all began to change. Instead of prioritizing the hustle, we began to prioritize our joy, our relationships, and our yearning to serve in a way that feelsgood

We realized that Money equals Pleasure equals Love. Only then did money begin to flow into our lives like air. 

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Jak & Rob