E.25 Follow the Energy

Our energy leads in the Femme world. We listen to the pings from deep within us, follow their guidance, and trust that it will take us to the next level of our desires. 

Sometimes this means that we makebig decisions - and fast. 

Like in 27 minutes fast - which is what happened today. 


Things are changing in our world. We are moving, we are growing, and with these changes we are feeling called to take the The Femme Podcast to new heights. We are going to be coming back together, creating a gorgeous studio, and taking our content to the next level. 

In order to uplevel the podcast in a way that feels aligned for us, we’ll be putting the podcast on a summer break!  

Yet, there is still so much coming your way from Femme, so stay connected with us! 

The Weekly, our community coaching program, is now going to be FREE in ourWild Femmes Facebook group! Join today to access these incredible weekly trainings. 

And - on the horizon! Complete 2021 in your highest vibe by joining us forThe Femme Retreat! This 7-day luxurious immersion for female leaders is going down Nov 13-20th in Costa Rica.Spots are limited.

We’ve launched our new website! Check outhttp://forthewildfemme.com for the new centerpiece of the Femme world. Be sure to check out the ‘On The House’ tab for access to all of our free masterclasses! 

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