E.23 The New Paradigm of Leadership with Michelle Goodman

A new paradigm of leadership has bloomed, and it is time to embrace its power. 

It’s time to reject the belief that you can only succeed if another woman fails. 

It’s time to work together in sisterhood, and to make space for each woman’s gifts in this world. 

There is room in the desire realm for all of us, and we all rise higher if we choose to help each other rise. 


Today we are so excited to be joined by coach Michelle Goodman ofMy Empowered Bliss for this expansive conversation about leadership and sisterhood. 



Michelle is an amazing private client of ours. The gifts that she offers the world through quantum alignment, manifestation and more, are purely incredible.  

If Michelle’s message lights you up, visit her on IG@theempoweredbliss or on herwebsite. 

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