E.22 The Alchemist

The alchemist is not afraid. When life becomes stale she gets her hands dirty and plays. She experiments with shifts and changes. She bravely alters the patterns of her life, letting her intuitive guidance lead the way. 

And when the world questions her? She stands in her power and stays true to her path. 

You are the alchemist of your life. Your soul will guide the way. 


We’ve been making some big changes in our business this week, and we needed to tap into our own alchemy to find our true path. Tune in to learn about the big decision we made to prioritize our own desire above the tantalizing ‘shoulds’ that were tugging at us. 

When you let your intuitive guidance lead, you cannot go wrong. And if you took a step in the wrong direction? There is always room to check back in with yourself and correct the course. 

You have that beautiful choice. It’s time to embrace it. 

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