E.21 Human Design for Humans


You're completely fascinated by Human Design and what it's revealed about who you are and how you operate. You see others living in alignment with their design, you see their power and feel their magnetism. For them it all seems so effortless, and you want access to this level of alignment for yourself but you just haven't been able to fully connect the elements in YOUR human design.

You haven't tapped into the power or unlocked all the magic this powerful tool holds, because you haven't been taught human design this way. We hear it all the time, Jak teaches human design differently. She teaches #humandesign for the human, in a way that you will get.

In a way that guides you to unblock & shift your conditioned patterning.

In a way that leads you to step into your power & start living in deeper alignment.

If you've been struggling to actually *integrate* Human Design into your life.. but you're ready to tap into the pure👏 f*cking 👏 magic 👏 of it, Tune into today's episode of The Femme Podcast and get ready to blow your universe wide open.



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