E.2 The Un-Million Dollar Year

Welcome to episode 2 of The Femme Podcast! 

Join us for the big story of our Un-Million Dollar Year, learn how to define the word ‘failure’ in a way that makes space for its incredible lessons, and explore what it really means to liberate your goals from the restrictions of time. 




Last year we set a goal - We were going to have a Million Dollar Year. Weannounced it to the world, spoke it to the universe, and aligned ourselves with this big ass goal all year long. 


And then… it didn’t happen. 

We missed our goal by $49,000. 

Did we fail? We don’t think so! 


We celebrated anyway! We danced, played music and drank champagne. And in fact, missing that goal turned out to be the source of the biggest lesson we learned on our Million Dollar Year journey. 

Have you set a big ass goal for this year? Do yourself a big favor and release your goal from the restrictions of time. Work toward your goal each and every day, align with the energy of your goal, and allow the goal to happen at the speed of the universe. Chances are… it'll happen much faster than you think. 

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Jak & Rob