E.6 The Departure

Welcome to episode 6 of The Femme Podcast! 

For the first time, we’re coming to you from two different countries! After an incredible journey to Costa Rica for the last four months, Robyn made the big decision to return home to Canada with her family, while Jak stays in Costa Rica with hers. 




It wasn’t an easy decision, and today we’re sharing the story of how Robyn came to decide. Robyn allowed trust and surrender to guide her, and she took the time to fully tap into her desire.

 This powerful approach has left Robyn with a deep excitement for her choice. That decision also sets the Femme brand off on a whole new adventure. We see it as a beautiful opportunity to rise, because the greatest shifts happen in our lives and our business when we’re both aligned in our power. 

 The biggest thing that guided Robyn through the process was her trust in The Femme Power Principles. They helped her stand in her power, and to trust that her decision would be the best choice for not just her, but also for her family and her business. 

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Jak & Rob