E.19 The Plateau

If you’re a female entrepreneur then you might know this feeling: You’ve been excited and obsessed with your business. Everything has been going so well! Then, all of a sudden, you find yourself uninspired, bored, and disconnected from the passion you experienced before. 

Have you been feeling this way? 

If so, you’ve hit The Plateau. 



The Plateau can be uncomfortable and confusing. Everything seems fine on the surface, but you feel something new churning underneath. This is not a time to continue on with business as usual. This is a time to go inward, and to tap into what your intuition is calling for beneath the surface. 

We’ve found ourselves on The Plateau many times, and these phases have been the springboard for some of the most incredible uplevels in our business and lives. Today we’re sharing with you how we’ve risen from plateaus, and how you too can take this moment as an opportunity to go inward and birth something beautiful, expansive, and new. 

It’s time to check in with yourself: 

Where in your life have you stopped moving toward expansion? 

Where are you being called to next? 

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