E.17 The Unbecoming with Emma Tynan

There is no hierarchy in the coaching world. We are all here to bring our own divine magic, gifts and messages to the world. Once you embrace the transcendent co-creation that comes from collaborating with other women in this expansive space, incredible things will happen. 



This week we are so excited to bring you a conversation between Jak and Emma Tynan. Emma is a soul and business coach, psychic, and channel who leads women to activate their gifts so that they can share them with the wider world. She is both our client and our mentor. Our co-creation with Emma has been so powerful and today you’re going to get a chance to tune into her magic. 

If you are on a journey to opening your channels and connecting to your foundational truth, then this episode is for you. Join us as we talk about our own journeys of channeling spirit, and take away valuable insights on opening the portals of magic within your own soul. 

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