E.16 You Are The Universe

Do you find yourself getting caught up in comparison? 

Do you see other women and think they have it all - the perfect relationship, the growing business, the amazing social media following - and find all the reasons why they’re ‘different’ from you? Do you perceive these differences as the reason why they have “it all” and you don’t? 

If you struggle with this, then this episode is for you. 

The truth is, your perceptions are not facts. They are feelings - and you can change them. 

Changing your perception from a place of limitation to a place of expansion requires you to go deep. It requires you to trust that you have the power of the universe within you. From there it takes work, consistency, and drive to lead you to your deepest desires. 

You can do it. We know… because we’ve done it ourselves. 

In today’s episode we’ll share with you how we led ourselves into the desire realm. We invite you in to begin that incredible journey yourself. 


Ask yourself: 

What is creating extra noise in your life that is blocking you from hearing the clarity of your desires?

What perceptions do you have about others that are holding you back? How can you shift those perceptions from a place of limitation to a place of expansion? 

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