E.14 Look Beyond the Mirror

“Are you willing to look beyond the mirror and penetrate your soul?” 

It’s time to explore the question ‘who am I’ instead of trying to be who everyone else wants you to be. This work takes bravery, but making the choice to peel back the layers to expose your purest self is essential to deep personal growth. 



Today we’re getting real about what it takes to tackle this challenging part of personal evolution. Join us as we lay out why it’s so important to do this work, what’s at stake, and how you can begin to unlock these doors within yourself. 

Because truly, it all starts with just one moment. 

Ask yourself: What parts of myself am I hiding? What do I want to bring to the surface in order to feel more fully expressed? Then, let us know! Take a screenshot of this podcast, share it on your Instagram stories, tag @forthewildfemme, and share what’s coming up for you. 

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