E. 131 The End of an Era

Do you ever wonder what it would feel like?

To change it all?

To walk away?

To go in an entirely different direction?

Well, we’re doing it. Boldly + bravely we’re moving in different directions with our work.

Jak an Energetics Mentor,

Rob a Brand Coach + Copywriter.

There is a new beginning in the air, and while it wasn’t an easy choice…it was the right one.

Listen to the End of an Era as we share the process of un-choosing Femme, closing a chapter, and getting excited for the next one.

To celebrate everything we learned while scaling + running a 7 figure company, building an EPIC brand, and doing it entirely OUR WAY…we have created our legacy course + mastermind, REBEL MILLIONAIRE.

This 6 month course will reveal the inner workings of our company, how we grew, what worked + what didn’t, how to grow a team, how to sell rebelliously, how to lead with your energy, how to brand like a BOSS, and how to scale a business that supports your LIFE ⚡️ 

Wealth, Power + Pleasure…The final chapter! Join us using the link in our bio to change the way you move in your life + business.

With rebel hearts,

Jak + Rob

Rebel Millionaire


As we wrap up this chapter of Femme, Rob & Jak have embarked on podcasts within their own personal brands! 

Robyn’s “The Brand Is You” Podcast

Jaclyn’s “The Jaclyn Shaw Show”

Robyn’s Instagram

Jaclyn’s Instagram