E. 130 Holding Duality, Knowing Your Journey

Rebel woman, have you taken your soul work off to the pages of your journal and into the LIVED EXPERIENCE of your real life? 

Integrating new patterns *in the moment* takes next level dedication to your higher self… time and time again. Momentary quantum leaps are the cumulation of who you’ve become.

Your soul work isn’t a one night stand. It’s a forever thing. 

Because of this level of commitment to your growth…don’t forget that every phase, version & level of your self deserves to be celebrated! 

As we reach the end of 2022, reflect: 

  • How have you grown this year? 
  • What have you integrated? 
  • Where would you like it to take you next? 

The Femme Podcast will go on pause for the final month of 2022 as we celebrate the end of the year through travel, experiences, and integrations of our own. We can’t wait to meet you back here in 2023!

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