E.13 Zero F*cks Given

This week we had an incredible Clubhouse conversation with powerhouse business women Stephanie Anne Hughson and Amy Elizabeth all about running a 7-figure coaching business with zero f*cks given. It was such a powerful Clubhouse room, and we wanted to share a piece of it with you! 

Fair warning - a lot of F-bombs fly in this episode! 



Tune in for this powerful conversation as each of us share our definition of what it truly means to give zero f*cks in our businesses.  

How you choose to spend your energy in your life and business is so important to living in alignment. It’s this commitment to what matters to you, while letting everything else fall away, that will help you grow and scale beyond your wildest dreams. 

It’s time to connect to the root of what is meaningful to you. 

Ask yourself: Where in your life are you giving too many f*cks? Where are you choosing to use your energy for things that don’t matter? Then, let us know! Take a screenshot of this podcast, share it on your Instagram stories, tag@thefemmepodcast and tell us where in your business you’re going to begin giving less f*cks. We’ll be regramming your posts.

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