E. 126 Surrender To The Creation Of The New

Rebel, adventure is the key to feeling alive.

Breaking down routines and allowing each day to look different is what allows life to emanate art.

Of course, the ordinary is important, too. The responsibilities, the rhythms, the regularities…

But surrendering them for minutes, days, even weeks at a time is an invitation to receive something new.

It’s the thrill of saying yes to something different than yesterday that keeps us desiring more of tomorrow.

We are…

9 sleeps away from a full Femme immersion in the jungle.

9 sleeps away from receiving the magic of the ocean.

9 sleeps away from the life changing conversations that you will receive in your energy and brand.

As you pack your bags (or consider it!) - how can you prepare?

Clear your expectations…

Create spaciousness in your body and mind…

And devote yourself to the possibility and potentiality that awaits you.

For, the deeper you’re willing to go… the more you will receive.

We have two spots left.

7 days, 7 nights…

Where business meets luxury…

And branding meets energy.

Join us in the jungles of Costa Rica for The Rebel Retreat, Nov 12th - 19th. At this 7 day & 7 night luxurious jungle retreat you will experience uplevels in bold new ways. Yes please, more please is the vibe!! Book your queen room here: REBEL RETREAT

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