E. 122 Fasttrack Your Calibration

Rebel. Your deepest evolution awaits you in a state of pure immersion. 

When you fully immerse yourself in an experience, that experience will become a part of the fabric of who you are. 

No distractions,

No screens,

No need for either.

In deep calibration there is no space for multitasking, only integration + embodiment - which requires depth + intention.

Step beyond the noise of your day to day life and go deep with a dedicated sisterhood of women who are seeking the same life changing transformation. 

This is the fast track to deep soul shaking calibration. Wealth, power + pleasure, the Femme Way,in person.


Join us in the jungles of Costa Rica for The Rebel Retreat, Nov 12th - 19th. At this 7 day & 7 night luxurious jungle retreat you will experience uplevels in bold new ways. Yes please, more please is the vibe!!  Book your room here: REBEL RETREAT

Find us online at our new Instagram home!  @thisisfemme_