E. 120 How We Make Big Decisions

Rebel woman, get ready to throw out your pro/con list, there’s a new deciding factor in town 💃🏼

In the Femme world, we make a lot of bold decisions on the regular. 

  • Moving to the jungle (Jak)
  • Starting a brand new Instagram account
  • Buying the ring of her dreams (Rob)
  • Booking impromptu plane tickets to go speak at an ALL TIME event (both 🤩)

We don’t move in ways that make logical “sense”…

And therefore, our realities look a lot like a dream.

Want to experience miracles? Decide you are one, and MOVE LIKE IT. It all starts with that one expansive decision.

Follow the fire within you 🔥 Feel its passion and heed its call, even when it doesn’t make sense. 

For when a decision is made from your deepest place of power, it cannot be wrong. 

This is the heart of The Femme Power Principles, our foundational 10-week course. Within the Femme Power Principles you will receive the blueprint for an abundant life of wealth, power and pleasure. 

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