E.12 100k a Different Way

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How do you feel when you think about operating your business? 

Do you feel overwhelmed with ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’? Do you feel like there is a single strategy that you must commit to in order to scale ‘correctly’? Do you feel like there is a missing piece that you can’t quite find?

If you’re saying ‘yes’ to any of these, then this episode is for you.


Today we’re sharing 100k... a Different Way. 

This is the strategy that no one is teaching. 

Strategy that is rooted in your energetic alignment. 

Tune in to learn strategy the Femme Way. We’re sharing the three important pillars that have allowed us to reach consecutive 6-figure months - in a way that feels amazing. 

Are you ready to create a soul-led strategy that is rooted in your energy? 

Then join us for our six month Femme Mastermind! This is the place to grow as a femme business woman. In The Femme Mastermind you will grow, collaborate and rise with women who crave to live in the same expansive mindspace as you. Register now - we begin April 1st

Are you loving the energy you’re finding in our podcast? Then join us in our other communities! 

The Weekly, our ‘choose what you pay’ community coaching project! The Wild Femmes, our free community of 1,500+ badass women who are growing and thriving together! On IG join us at @forthewildfemme. Or, email us at rise@forthewildfemme.com 

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