E.114 Sexy Money with Genevieve Rackham

Howgood are you willing to let life get? 

This is Genevieve Rackham’s question for you.  

Genevieve is on a mission to shift your money paradigm so that financial liberation feels sexy, flirty and fun. 


She wants you to know that money does not hold the power. You do. And as soon as you stand confidently in that truth, money will respond in abig way. 

This incredible leader is just one of the 12 amazing female coaches who you have access to in “Outspoken”, our industry-changing 12-session coaching container.

Inside of Outspoken you will receive the mostpotent teachings, the raw truths, and the soul medicine that each of these women have to offer. 

This is the container we wish we’d had during our own growth journey, from the beginning days - to hitting multiple six figures - to becoming a seven figure brand.

This is collective rising - The Femme Way. 

Outspoken is available for $2222 -get access here! 

Dive deeper into Genevieve Rackham’s powerful presence on IG @genevieverackham