E.113 The Wolf & The Pitbull

Do you feel like there are pieces of you that just don’t fit?  

Pieces of you that you try to hide or make you feel ashamed?

Do you believe these pieces must be overcome in order for you to be successful? 

Wild woman, know this:It’s not true 

You are not required to be perfect before you attain your desires. 

You are worthynow. 



Each of us have pieces of ourselves that don’t cleanly fit into our future vision. Yet, they do not need to be banished. What if you could integrate them in a loving way so that you can realize your vision now? 

Join us for The Wolf and The Pitbull, a live masterclass on July 28th, to learn how! 

In this masterclass Rob and Jak will guide you to integrate your challenging energies so that you can collapse time on your path toward your next level self. This masterclass is just $44. Sign up here! 

This is the first of six masterclasses that we will be hosting in 2022. Get access to all six of our masterclasses when they go live with our Masterclass Bundle for just $197!