E.102 Celebrating Three Years of Femme

This month we are celebrating three years of Femme, and it feels BIG. 

In fact, it’s felt big every step of the way. 

Because at Femme, we embody the spirit of celebration. We don’t just celebrate the wins. We celebrate the growth, the steps forward, and the lessons learned. Sometimes we celebrate simply because we feel like it. 

Wild woman, today we invite you to join us - and let your LIFE be the celebration! 

In honor of our third birthday, we are dropping some insane offers this month! It’s all kicking off with the Femme Anniversay Bundle. Get Temptress of Time, Femme Power Prinicples, and Pussy Power for just $333 (a $1407 value)

Grab your bundle here!

Stay tuned all month as we unveil our celebration offers. There has never been a more exciting time to enter the Femme world.