E.100 Rebellious Wealth

Rebellious Wealth is wealth created your way. 

It’s not found by following someone else’s blueprint for success. 

It’s found by making your own blueprint - a blueprint shaped by pure alignment with your wealth frequency. 

You are the map. You are the strategy. It’s time to step into your power and call in wealth. 


Are you ready to attune to your next level of wealth + power + pleasure? 

Then join us in the container that best fits you: 

WEALTH! The Mastermind will serve as your portal to creating your own unique blueprint for calling in wealth. This 4 week, 8 session program will teach you how to align yourself with your wealth frequency in a way that will allow you to shatter the glass ceiling above you. This program is $4444 and we begin June 16th. Grab your spot now! 

The Rebellion is our expansive container where you get direct access to Jak and Rob for an entire year! Get ready for Femme courses, mastermind sessions, exclusive masterclasses, live cocktail hours, a private Facebook and so much more! You get ALL of this for one payment of $2222 or our payment plan of $222/month. 

Totality is a private 2:1 coaching container with Jak and Rob for the woman who is ready to expand in the deepest of ways. Within Totality, you will evolve your brand AND gain alignment with your highest self. You will receive four coaching calls a month and private Voxer containers with both Jak and Rob. Plus! Get access to all of the Femme courses and our upcoming Wealth Mastermind.