E.10 The Choice

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There’s a misconception among women that you just wake up one day and magically find yourself standing in your power. 

Yet, this isn’t magic. 

It’s a choice. 

It’s a choice you make time and again along the path of life, rising through each pivotal moment until, one day, you find yourself firmly standing in your power. 



We’ve had so many moments like this, and today we’re sharing a few of them with you. From the role models who shaped our view of what it meant to be a fully embodied woman, to the choices we’ve made in our hardest moments, to the gut deep intuition we followed even no one else could understand why. 

These were the choices we made step by step, and they led us to the beautiful lives we have today. 

We all have these pivotal moments in our lives. We’ve all felt the call to make the choice to rise. 

What are your stories? Reflect on how far you’ve come. Because you have been on a beautiful journey to rise. 

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