E.1 Rising From Greatness to Greatness

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Welcome to episode 1 of The Femme Podcast! 

We are so excited to embark on season two of our podcast, and to take you with us on the journey as we rise from greatness to greatness, expanding our heights and wealth in a way that truly feeds into the core of our deepest desires. 




In the past we believed that it took a spiritual smackdown, a rock bottom, in order to find ourselves and set the foundation to thrive. We have experienced so much growth since then, and today we’re inviting you to join us in rising without the ashes to activate your next level of wealth, step into your power, and own your pussy desires. 

We cannot wait to push you out of your comfort zone in a way that awakens your desire and leads you to thrive. 

So join us! Both here on the podcast and in our incredible communities online. 

The Wild Femmes Facebook group is a great place to start, where you’ll receive free access to our community of 1,500+ badass women who are growing and thriving together. 

And we’re so excited to announce that The Weekly is now going global! The Weekly is a community coaching project that provides accessible and inclusive community coaching with a ‘choose what you pay’ structure. Join us in The Weekly to tap into high level personal development with us and incredible guest coaches. Get ready for workshops, dance parties, trainings, Q&A’s and more in an inclusive space that is open to all. Plus, each month we’ll donate a portion of your contribution to a charity that is working to build a better future for our collective world. 



Jak & Rob

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