E69. Desire Activates The Universe

This week we’re taking you back to one of the most impactful interviews we’ve had on the podcast, with our rockstar business coach Melanie Ann Layer. Melanie has been such an incredible guide for our growth and we cannot wait to share her wisdom with you! 

In this episode, Melanie opens up about a smackdown so intense that it left her bankrupt and completely alone. Learn how she employed radical self love as her guide through the ‘dark night of her soul’, and how that same radical self love served as the foundation for  Alpha Femme - her biz that hit two-million dollars in sales these past 10 months alone. 




Then, explore how you can do the same. 

Three truths that Melanie shares in this episode: 

  • The voices telling you you’ll fail aren’t real. They’re just you. Stop listening. 
  • Stop competing with others. The only person you have to compete with is your past self. 
  • Ask yourself “What if it works”. Visualize the best that it could be. Let that desire without lack guide your way. 

For more of Melanie’s amazing guidance, join her Facebook Group, Alpha Femme, or find her on Instagram @alphafemme. 

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